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New York Asian Film Festival

Beijing Film Festival with a long History is The Best Support for Your Films and works

The main mission for Hong Kong cinema in 2013 and 2014: to renew confidence and energy of the local film productions, and return to the great uniquely Hong Kong stories.

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We set up Festival Events all over the World


Cairo International Film Festival in Egypt

Egypt honours from China with Beijing Film Festival on Nov 24, 2016


Chinese and Beijing Film Festival in Russia

Jackie Chan opens Chinese film festival & sings in Moscow 8.11.2016


Chinese and Beijing Film Festival in Kazakhstan

Jackie Chan and Dimash Kudaibergen sang in Astana at the opening of the Chinese Film Festival Jun 8, 2017


Beijing Film Festival in Kazakhstan

Chinese Film Festival In Astana Jun 14, 2017


Beijing Film Festival in Austria

Austrian Chinese Film Festival Apr 30, 2021


Beijing Film Festival in UK

UK Asian Film Festival 11.05.2021


Beijing Film Festival in Russia

Chinese Film Festival at Novosibirsk on Sep 15, 2021


Chinese Historical FF in Russia

Chinese Historical and Beijing Film Festival Kicks Off in Russia Sep 19, 2021


Beijing Film Festival in Singapore

Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2022 Opening Night



Our Last World Events


Beijing Film Festival in USA

New York Asian Film Festival July 15 - 28, 2022


Beijing Film Festival in Canada

Vancouver Chinese Film Festival Jul 27, 2022


Beijing Film Festival

Beijing Film Festival Opening Ceremony Short Film - Aug 9, 2022



Why Choose Us


We choose the best places on our planet, festivals are held in the largest cities, where at the same time there are tenders between distributors fighting for the right to receive film packages for sale and distribution.

Beijing Film Festival


Beijing Film Festival

The Beijing Film Festival aims to screen foreign-licensed short films, feature films, documentaries and feature films. The festival supports young foreign authors and promotes their work in the Chinese market. The festival also supports national cinema. The best films of China, with the support of our film festival and on its recommendations, are exhibited at foreign partner film festivals. In this way, national cinema develops, and the Chinese audience gets the opportunity to see the best foreign films and works.

The 12th Beijing Film Festival ended successfully on December 31

Posted on date Mon, 01/02/2023 - 19:10 by author Admin

In order to get rid of the epidemic's troubles on the real economy as soon as possible, we will explore the way to break the situation in the post-epidemic era. On December 31, 2022, the 12th Beijing Film Festival was successfully held at Beijing Tiantongyuan Yellow River Kyoto Conference Center, also some films were shown online. The Organizing Committee of the Beijing Film Festival launched the 500 Cultural Tourism Film and Television Conference, where light and shadow empower real economic exchange activities, discuss integrated development, and make a good start for next year's economic

Rules & Terms

Posted on date Thu, 09/22/2022 - 18:00 by author Admin Support



2. 所有提交都应在线完成。 请不要邮寄任何东西给我们。

3. 所有提交应通过 完成

4. 所有影片必须为英文或有英文字幕。

5. 欢迎在线答疑。

Rules and Terms

1. Any Chinese or International film or work can be considered to be accepted to the Beijing Film Festival.

2. All the submissions should be done online. Please don't send us anything by post.

3. All submissions should be done through

4. All films must be in English or have English subtitles. 

5. Q and A online is welcomed. 

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