In order to get rid of the epidemic's troubles on the real economy as soon as possible, we will explore the way to break the situation in the post-epidemic era. On December 31, 2022, the 12th Beijing Film Festival was successfully held at Beijing Tiantongyuan Yellow River Kyoto Conference Center, also some films were shown online. The Organizing Committee of the Beijing Film Festival launched the 500 Cultural Tourism Film and Television Conference, where light and shadow empower real economic exchange activities, discuss integrated development, and make a good start for next year's economic recovery.

The theme of this year's film festival is "New Trends on the Internet, I'm Responsible for the Era" , based on the first year of the new identity of "Internet Logo", closely following the 20 new directions of literary and artistic creation, and giving full play to the content, form and media advantages of Internet audio-visual products , to show the world a credible, lovely and respectable image of China through light and shadow. New identities have been enabled for online dramas, and the development of the industry has taken on a new look.

Guests attending this international online film exhibition include national first-level directors Jiang Ping, Zhang Tao, Gong Hanlin, Bai Kainan, Ren Tianye, Internet goddess Xu Dongdong, Han Zhijun, Wang Peiran, Tian Na, Zhang Xuezhi, etc. The stars gathered at the scene, the stars are shining, Taomeng, Leading companies in the industry such as New Studio, Qishu Youyu, and Xiang Brothers continue to lead the online movie market.

Among the many online movies displayed on site suspense thriller, comedy, action, war, and fantasy movies are in full bloom. Produced by Beijing Shengxing Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Hanren Tang Dynasty Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Brilliant Film Co., Ltd., Zhuo Hong Film (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Xianfeng (Beijing) Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Happy Tree Shadow "The Heir to the Ace" jointly produced by China Industry Co., Ltd. and others is listed.

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Beijing Film Festival

On December 31, hosted by Beijing Cultural Industry Investment and Financing Association, Beijing Cultural Investment and Development Group, and Beijing International Exchange Association, organized by the Beijing Cultural Industry Investment and Financing Association Network Film and Television Investment Professional Committee, and co-organized by Beijing Cultural Property Rights Exchange Center, Light Years ( Beijing) Film and Television Investment Co., Ltd. held the honor ceremony of the 12th Beijing International Network Film Exhibition in Beijing.

Liu Xing, member of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, national first-level screenwriter, famous military writer, former deputy director of Bayi Film Studio, chairman of the Beijing International Online Film Festival jury, Fan Ziwen, full-time deputy director of the Film and Television Center of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, Beijing Wang Zhengdong, the founder of the International Online Film Festival and the chairman of the Internet Film and Television Investment Professional Committee of the Beijing Cultural Industry Investment and Financing Association, attended the ceremony. Many film and television screenwriters, directors, actors, producers and other guests were invited to participate. They are: Gong Hanlin, Chen Guoxing, Huang Jun , Zhao Baole, Wang Jinsong, Shi Xiaoman, Liang Danni, Guo Xiaodong, Sun Qian, Bai Kainan, Fu Shaojie, Ren Tianye, Xu Dongdong, Dong Yue, Zhu Shuoran, Zhu Sha, Jin Chen, Song Fangjin, Bao Shihong, Yin Chao, Zhang Tao, Zhao Xiaoou, Zhao Xiaoxi, Liu Xiangyu, Xing Xiao, Chen Jianying and the main creators of more than 50 nominated films jointly witnessed the highest honor belonging to online film and television professionals.

This year's film festival specially invited Mr. Jiang Ping, the former general manager of China Film and a national first-class director, as the host. Director Jiang Ping opened the film with a passionate speech in which a filmmaker has righteousness in his heart, people in his heart, responsibilities on his shoulders, and the universe in his writing. The prelude to this honor ceremony.

First of all, Liu Xing, chairman of the judging committee of the 12th Beijing International Online Film Festival, delivered a speech on behalf of the jury, saying: This year's online film festival takes "the new trend of the Internet, and I take responsibility for the times" as the core expression, adheres to the humanistic ideals of young filmmakers and the spirit of the Internet, and is committed to Tell Chinese stories well and spread Chinese voices.

Subsequently, the judging committee of the Beijing International Online Film Festival successively announced various awards for the short film unit, online drama unit, main theme unit, main competition online film unit and annual industry unit. In the short film section, after fierce competition, Zhou Lei won the best producer for "My Father and Me"; "Youth Universe" won the best original music; Ji Shuai won the best actor for "Public Hearing" Protagonist; Tian Na won the Best Actress for "Cherry Valley", Zheng Yuan won the Best Actress for "Love You More than I Love You"; Zhang Yixin won the Best Director for "Dream of Liyuan"; Excerpted from Dialogue 1922.

In the award competition of the network drama unit, "Canglan Jue", which fully demonstrated the oriental aesthetics, won the popular drama of the year; with the excellent production of "Luoyang Four Thousand Gold", Wu Chengfeng won the best drama director; won the best drama of the year "Auntie's World" and "Please!" Don't Pet Me".

In the main theme unit, "Guiyuan" and "Life Express" respectively focused on traditional culture and blood donation won the best public welfare film; the best feature film was "Hengshan Guerrilla" and "Mountain Beyond the Mountain"; the best rural revitalization film was won by "The New Mayor who just arrived" which tells the story of grassroots cadres getting rich and "Kawashima Xianglian" which tells the story of the development of agriculture in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area; "" Ice and Snow and Boys ".

The online movies in 2022 will be brilliant and excellent, whether it is in terms of box office distribution, theme exploration, IP creation, new technology application, etc., great progress has been made. The jury of the film festival analyzed the participating films from various angles in the online film unit awards of the main competition. After several rounds of review, Wang Nanan won the title of new director for "Who is the Brother", Jiang Liangliang for "Watch", Xu Xin for "Immortal Evil"; the most anticipated films are "Liaozhai Painting Wall", "Me and My "Youth"; the best documentary was "Wang Beidou" from Xinhua News Agency and "Remembering the Kite City" focusing on traditional culture; Liu Ningzhi won the best producer for "Uncle Maoshan" and "Zhang Sanfeng" for "Zhang Sanfeng" ; The excellent films were "Dream of Liyuan", "Benevolence of Lu Medicine", "Public Hearing", "The Strange Case of Embroidered Shoes", "The Rebirth of a Little Tiewa", "Super Hero Huang Jiguang", "The Princess Only Wants to Start a Business", "Guangxi Residents of the People's Republic of China". The same song: Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves and Sail the Sea".

Wang Qingting won the Best Actor for his outstanding performance in "Speed ​​Bodyguard"; Xu Dongdong won the Best Actress for his "King of Sniper"; He Saifei and Ren Tianye won the Best Performing Arts Actor for their outstanding performances in several works; The director was won by Wang Jinsong for "Looking for the Roots of Zhou Yuan"; the best film was "No Lost Today". The film combines story style, documentary style, and report style. "The inheritance spirit of the film is eloquent; the special honors of the jury are the films "Tibetan Raiders", "Battlefield: Alien Havoc" and "Yin Yang Town Strange Talk";

Among the annual industry contribution units, Wendai Tianqing Film and Television (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Guangdong Qizhen Lima Film Co., Ltd., and Beijing Shengxing Culture Media Co., Ltd. respectively won the annual cutting-edge company, and Ruyu Culture won the annual marketing company , Zhejiang Snail Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. won the annual influential company.

This year's film festival has won La Nina Dwarf Red Wine, Maidi Crisp, Postpartum Gang, Fujitang, Ainuoshi, Celenide, Zui Sanhuang, Tianyuanxue, Guangdong Dahai, Mao Yushan, He Yulin Jewelry, Good Night Honey, Pai Group, Multidimensional Sports, Ruyu Culture, China Minmetals Futures, Smile Media, Huaxia Hongqi, Qilu Brothers, Siran Entertainment, Sound Culture, Semill Visual Effects, Huaihuai Wine Industry, etc. Great support!